Himawari system extracts new value from sunlight.

Genuine sunlight
Visible rays of natural sunlight, which could never be reproduced by any artificial light source.
Visible rays without ultraviolet.
Ultraviolet are eliminated through chromatic aberration when the sunlight is focused by a convex
lens, leaving just the visible rays, which are the most efficient for photosynthesis.
Himawari sunlight doesn't cause furniture and carpets to fade.
Sunlight without minimal heat emission
As infrared rays are partly eliminated, the system does not interfere with the air-conditioning
in midsummer, with little heat emission.
Controllable sunshine
The optical fiber technology now enables the sunlight that is so essential to our lives to be
transmitted indoors.

‚vhen sunlight passes through a convex lens,
an effect called chromatic aberration occurs,
causing different wavelengths of sunlight--
ultraviolet, visible, and infrared--to focus at
different distances from the lens. The visible
rays are collected and transmitted from the
input-end of an optical fiber positioned at their
focal point. Thus the ultraviolet and infrared
rays can be eliminated.
HIMAWARI sunlight does not contain the range
of ultraviolet wavelengths which are known to
cause skin cancer.