The features and mechanism of the Himawari system

Highly efficient and stable collection of the sunlight through a combination of
Lens + Optical Fiber Cable

The outdoor collector catches the maximum quantity of sunlight throughout daytime. It is immune
from limitations such as the orientation of a room, the exposure of a window, or the altitude of
the sun, to which skylight and mirror-reflection systems of other makers are subject.

The automatic tracking system tracks the sun precisely.
Himawari's lenses automatically track the sun throughout the day to position
themselves at a right angle to the sunlight.
Himawari is equipped with an internal clock mechanism, a sun-sensor,
and a microprocessor to calculate the position of the sun and adjust its own angle.
In fine weather, the exact location of the sun is ascertained by the sensor.
When the sun is hidden behind clouds, it switches to its internal clock mechanism.
So Himawari can respond quickly to the conditions, collecting sunlight efficiently in
fine weather.
After sunset, it shuts off and positions itself so that it's ready for the next sunrise.

Transmission of sunlight by optical fiber cables
Sunlight is condensed about 10,000 times
through a highly efficient lens.
The inlet-end of an optical fiber cable is
positioned at the focal point of the lensD

The sunlight enters the cable through the
inlet and proceeds through the fiber cable,
repeating its full reflection, and is emitted
from the outlet of the fiber cable.
A highly pure quartz glass fiber cable transmits the visible rays with very little attenuation.
A cable made of flexible optical fibers can be installed in any new or existing building to
transmit sunlight to wherever it is needed.