The promise of Himawari's hopeful future development;

Carbon dioxide reduction/Biotechnologies
Vegetables grown with efficient photosynthesis
reduces carbon dioxide,and thus reducing global
warming. Ultraviolet-free Himawari's light provides
innovativepotential culture techniques, since
ultraviolet rays could be factors responsible for
mutations and growth failure when cells are
grown for breeding.
Stable light-source for biotechnology
Ultraviolet rays are known to hinder cell growth
and to cause mutations.
Himawari sunlight, free from ultraviolet rays will
evolve today's cultivation technology.
Improvement of the underground environment
With Himawari sunlight, people will be free from
the feeling of oppression subterranean existence
brings, even at a depth of more than 50 meters
below ground.
Deep underground projects will be promoted
more and more in over-populated urban areas.
Improvement of the submarine environment
Himawari sunlight transmitted into the deep
ocean will promote the growth of phytoplankton,
which will result in an increase in
zooplankton and subsequent development of the
food chain.