Terms for Overseas Special Distributors of the HIMAWARI Solar Lighting Systems
The terms for becoming an overseas special distributor of the HIMAWARI solar lighting systems require that a company is capable of consistent providing of services from sales to installation work and maintenance.

* In addition, as a basic rule, while sales districts are limited to the principle country of each distributor (the country in which Headquarters are located), terms provide for non-exclusive sales.
The following describes the specific details of the terms.

Establishment of a Showroom
Sales shall consist of customers being presented with an actual HIMARWARI light.
Accordingly, in order for viewing of the HIMAWARI light to be readily available, we require the purchase and
installation of the 12 Lens HIMAWARI for demonstration purposes and exhibition at the showroom.
Sales Organization
1) We require the securing of full-time sales staff having sufficient sales skills and the ability to make proposals.

2) We require the listing of HIMAWARI systems on the website of the distributor, or the launching of a unique website.
In addition, we require that full-time sales staff attend in-advance sales training hosted by our company at our Tokyo Headquarters.
3. Installation Work and Maintenance System (including Processing of Complaints)
We require the securing of full-time technical staff in order to establish a system enabling installation work, maintenance, and correspondence with the processing of complaints. In the case that this system cannot be realized within the company of the distributor, we require that correspondence of a similar manner is enabled through coordination with substitutive cooperating business operators.
In addition, we require that full-time technical staff attend in-advance technical training hosted in Japan by our company.
4. Terms of Transactions and Payments
We require that transactions involve yen-based payments and sales conducted via an on-site Japanese trading company.
5. Communication, Documents, and Mails exchanged upon Transactions
We request communications to be exchanged in Japanese if possible.
6. Issue of Certification Standards and PL Insurance
In the case that a certification of safety is required for PL Insurance or import of HIMAWARI systems, we require that the distributor cooperates with submission of the application to the organization responsible for certifying safety. (Our company will bear the cost of PL Insurance.)
7. Miscellaneous Terms
Other details shall be settled upon consultations held separately.
La Forêt Engineering Co., Ltd.